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CSPJ's Rally for Life a success once again!

Catholic school students from several of the high schools in the Diocese of Cleveland gathered on Tuesday, October 7th in downtown Cleveland to celebrate mass and partake in a rally for life. Hundreds of students met at the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist where they worshipped together with Bishop Richard Lennon. The theme of the day was life and after mass, the students and faculty members marched from St. John's Cathedral to Willard Park, where the "Free Stamp" sculpture is located.

While at Willard Park, the group heard stories and speeches from several students who each spoke on a specific life issue. Among the topics talked about were abortion, euthanasia, poverty, immigration, capital punishment, war and many others. During mass, Bishop Lennon reminded the students that thousands of lives had been lost to abortion and that there is much work to be done in living out our faith for the sake of others affected by these issues.

Catholic Schools for Peace and Justice (CSPJ) puts on this rally every year for the month of October, which is Respect Life Month. CSPJ is a collaboration of teachers and students from all the catholic high schools in the Diocese of Cleveland.

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