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The Bishop Richard Lennon Award
The Bishop Richard Lennon Award, is a sign of our gratitude for his service to the diocese of Cleveland, and his inspiration to its schools.  This award will be given annually, through the Catholic Schools for Peace and Justice network, which Bishop Lennon greatly supported during his tenure.   The Bishop Richard Lennon Award is given to a school who, through its involvement and leadership in CSPJ activities, was nominated and selected by the CSPJ representatives who attend the CSPJ meetings and events from the schools in the diocese and the CSPJ leadership team.   The school selected will receive a plaque to commemorate the honor.  In addition, a permanent plaque of honor will be displayed at the Diocesan Social Action Office, where CSPJ meetings are sometimes held throughout each year.
Saint Ignatius High School, Cleveland
Saint Joseph Academy, Cleveland
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