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Leadership Team


These adult representatives have been nominated and elected by their colleagues from the member institutions  of CSPJ to serve the group in these positions.  As leaders, these individuals strive to provide vision and guidance  for CSPJ and are at the service of all member institutions and their students.  As a team, they are dedicated to working collaboratively - which has been a quality of CSPJ's development since the beginning.  This team was first formally organized in 2004 from a core group of representatives to provide a long-term sustainable structure for CSPJ.



Wallenhorst Headshot.jpg

Matt Wallenhorst

St. Edward High School


Michele Bernot

Beaumont School


Augie Pacetti

St. Ignatius High School


Tim Evans 

Padua Franciscan High School


Dan Guion

St. Joseph Academy


Guy Savistano

St. Ignatius High School


Brianna Mejak 

Beaumont School


Martin Steward

Beaumont School

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