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Respect Life Rally and Mass: Another Resounding Success

On Thursday, October 11th, students from 13 Catholic high schools descended upon Downtown Cleveland for the 15th Respect Life Mass and Rally. Around 300 students participated this year and attended mass at St. John's Cathedral. With signs, drums and their voices, they set out from that location and marched from the cathedral to Cleveland City Hall, turned West to Ontario Avenue and then made their way to Public Square. Two emcees led the group in cheering for all life as students braved the wind and rain to let Cleveland hear how they felt.

As always, anyone could come up and discuss a life topic and say what was on their hearts about it. Issues ranging from Abortion, to Euthanasia, to Poverty, to War were spoken about to the crowd. Workers from the area joined at points throughout the rally and during the march there were several honked horns and cheers from office windows as the procession worked its way through the area.

Around 20 students took advantage of the open mic forum. At mass, several schools had students participate with the different aspects of liturgy from serving, to ministering the Eucharist, being a part of the choir and lectoring. The variety of schools who had students helping out really showed the strength of the overall experience!

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