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The Dignity of Difference: Putting the Quality back in Equality

CSPJ Mini-Summit on Healthy Relationships was a great success thanks to Beaumont School and the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center Staff

Students from several high schools attended a mini-summit on healthy relationships hosted by Beaumont School in Cleveland Heights. Starting with guest speakers from the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center, students were polled electronically to begin the day and were asked a variety of questions regarding their own experiences. As the anonymous answers populated, the entire group saw the graphs of these many "Yes or No" questions that were asked and immediately knew that there were percentages of people in the room who have experienced a significant trauma in their lives. This activity began a series of presentations in which members of the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center staff discussed the many faces abuse can take, especially in regards to relationships. Students were able to ask questions and answer questions from the speakers themselves.

Following a brief break, students completed the morning by dividing up and attending sessions on Building Healthy Relationships and Rights Under Title IX. Students then convened before lunch where they held an open forum discussing many ideas that had been presented to them. There was also a brief presentation on action steps that schools could take and an open invitation to help with a documentary film being created for the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center. After lunch, students attended a brief prayer service before returning to their respective schools.

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