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Respect Life Day

Students began the month of October, Respect for Life Month, with a Eucharist led by Bishop Richard Lennon at St. John the Evangelist Cathedral. Afterwards, the students marched to Public Square in downtown Cleveland for a Rally for Life. Students prayed about and reflected upon the dignity of all human life and the various challenges and injustices that continually pose a threat to life. Through their public statements, students stood with the most vulnerable-- among those being the poor, the unborn, those on death row, and victims of human trafficking and violence. Through personal reflections, through signs and banners, students encouraged each other to dream about creating a future world where all life is respected - over 375 students and teachers from 14 schools and the Diocesan Social Action Office - Lake Catholic, Padua Franciscan, St. Ignatius, St. Joseph Academy, St. Martin de Porres, Holy Name, St. Edward, Cleveland Central Catholic, Villa Angela St. Joseph, Beaumont, NDCL, Trinity, Benedictine, Magnificat


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